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Learn How Matthew's Hope transformed lives


A life recovered.  A family restored. A bright future ahead!

Your generosity assisted Shannon in moving through her addiction, reclaiming her smile through dental surgeries, healing her relationship with her children and now a new chapter as a staff member working towards an education goal as an addiction counselor. Now helping others in moving forward.


Blind.  Addicted. Embittered.

Sighted. Recovered. Thriving!

Your financial support has helped Miguel regain his independence back through eye surgery to give him back his sight, dental work to give him back his confidence to smile and assistance in classes and finances to reinstate his driver’s license as well as the opportunity to learn and perfect new skills in our Hope Chest Shop will translate to jobs after he graduates the program.


From living in the woods succumbing to his addiction to a graduate of the Moving Forward program. With years of sobriety under his belt, attending college, and a position on our staff, Greg is a better version of himself.  Your generosity and his determination made this possible.  He now mentors others towards a life of independence and self-sustainability.

MH Workshop-00050.jpg
MH Workshop-00071_edited.jpg


Your generosity enabled Matthew’s Hope to facilitate John’s life changing hand surgery.  He is now an artisan in our Matthew's Hope Chest Shop, debt free and moving forward towards a life of independence and self sustainability. 


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