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The Matthew's Hope Ministries Moving Forward Program


Many Different Options in which to Engage,
All with One Common Desired Outcome

Since 2010, the Moving Forward Program has evolved to become a multi-faceted list of options from which a guest may choose to engage.  The intent is to offer many "levels" of entry that seek to meet a person where they are, yet challenge those who desire more for their life than their present circumstances to move closer to who they may become. 


The manila-colored options of "Serving First Time Guests" and "Meeting Basic Needs" are self-explanatory.  These options occur within the Tuesday Ministries Services Day. 


The gray-colored options of "Getting Started," "Showing Effort" and "Working Part-Time" are all opportunities for guests to earn Effort Points that can then be used to obtain items of need.  These options also offer a chance for somebody to demonstrate their work ethic and desire to rebuild and repurpose their life, as well as build self-worth and restore dignity.  

The "Working Full-Time" option, whether attained in combination of work external to Matthew's Hope Ministries or attained entirely through the ministry, opens the door to housing assistance, possibly in one of the ministries' Transitional Housing units located in Winter Garden, Florida.


The purple-colored options of "Attaining Graduate Assistant" and "Completing the Program" are the finals steps to walk alongside a formerly homeless person as they prepare for a life of independence and self-sustainability.  No easy task for any person, and a cause for celebration in our shared community! 


The key to each of the options of the Matthew's Hope Ministries Moving Forward Program is choice.  Each guest must choose where they desire to be, and be ready, willing and able to work to earn their path--much as is in real life.  And in scripture:

"You will get your food the hard way, planting and tilling and harvesting,
sweating in the fields from dawn to dusk,
until you return to that ground yourself . . ."
Genesis 3: 19     

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