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Firm Foundation Preschool and Daycare

How Firm Foundation Preschool is a Preschool and Daycare – Combining the Two to Help Our Families and Students Achieve Their Goals

Meagan Galamback

Many families use preschool and daycare interchangeably, but the benefits of daycare and preschool are not the same. At Matthew’s Hope Firm Foundation, our preschool program has been developed to meet the learning goals of the children we work with and the goals and needs of the families we serve.


The Goal of Preschool vs. the Goal of Daycare A Preschool Program

 • Ensures young children between the ages of two and five have a safe and engaging environment

• Prepares children to enter kindergarten with an emphasis on early education, both academic and social/emotional

• May offer different methodologies (such as our Montessori-based environment) which can help parents tie the way that their child learns into their parenting style

• Often follow a school year schedule with time off for the summer and holidays A Daycare Program • Provides safe childcare for young children, and many go from infancy to school-aged

• Generally offers more free play with a focus on social interaction, a wider age range and longer hours

• May offer flexible childcare options with drop-in care, after-school care, and holiday break care

• May provide more scheduling options


What Are Some Similarities Between Preschool and Daycares

Firm Foundation Preschool aims to provide our children with a safe place for whole-child growth, including social-emotional development, play-based learning, physical activity, and developing their communication skills. Children’s brains are developing rapidly during their early years and nurturing connections between a child and their parent/ teachers plays a big role in healthy brain development. It is very important for families to look for high-quality interactions between children and the childcare provider. Our children often spend more time in their learning environment than they do at home, so it is important that children feel safe, loved and cared for in this environment. A healthy early learning environment should allow children to have free and structured play, hands-on learning through sensory play, and plenty of outside time. Music, reading, and art are also important parts of a curriculum-rich learning environment. When considering childcare options, it is important to understand that the primary focus of early childhood education is, or at least should be social emotional development. Children must begin to focus on life skills, like empathy and be set on a path to responsible decision-making. Our Montessori-based environment sets our students up for increasedconfidence, independence and dayto-day practical life skills to achieve these goals.

Learning Standards in a Preschool Classroom

Pre-K is the final year for a preschooler before entering kindergarten. More academic emphasis is placed on this age group, however, academics are part of all of our Firm Foundation early learning goals for each school year. Healthy, achievable goals begin in our classrooms upon entry, as early as 12 months, in our classrooms.

Our Firm Foundation students who entered kindergarten after our preschool program met, and in most cases, exceeded the expectation for entry into kindergarten.

How Firm Foundation Preschool Combines Preschool and Daycare

Our Firm Foundation Preschool program is committed to continuing to provide a high-quality early learning environment by providing highly qualified early childhood professionals and high-quality learning materials to support our Faith/Montessori-based curriculum.


Our preschool offers extended care for families over holiday breaks and holidays when most preschools are closed, we open our extended care and summer camp to students who have previously been students of Firm Foundation Preschool, and we offer a summer camp program for families who need year-round childcare, and we ensure child-care availability for elementary-aged children of our Matthew’s Hope Moving Forward Program guests a high-quality preschool program or daycare, Firm Foundation Preschool remains committed to providing a safe, Christ-filled, curriculum-rich learning environment where your child can reach their God-given potential, while also helping your family meet your family goals. If you are interested in learning more about our preschool program, please free to contact me by email at I want to warmly welcome you and your family to tour our preschool and I pray that we have the opportunity to welcome your family to our school family!


Meagan Galamback is honored to serve in her role as Preschool Director of Matthew’s Hope Firm Foundation Preschool. She has worked in Early Childhood for 9 years and has over 18 years of business administration background with 8 years of experience as a Preschool Director. Meagan currently holds a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential along with a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) endorsed Director’s Credential. She is committed to creating a strong, faith-based educational program in our preschool where values, sound foundational skills, Montessori learning, and play with a purpose are always in focus. Meagan believes that children should be given every opportunity to learn in a loving, academically profound program where each child can reach their God-given potential.

Meagan has served as a community liaison for The Salvation Army assisting local families with literacy programs and resources. She is currently an active member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and is currently working on obtaining her Montessori Certification. Meagan and her family are also active participants in various volunteer within Orange County.

Meagan resides in our local community with her husband and two children. The unwavering support that Meagan’s family provides her is a source of abundant pride that fuels her daily efforts to lead Matthew’s Hope Firm Foundation Preschool in the best possible ways. Meagan feels that her dedication to new growth, continued community outreach, and a strong foundation at school is equally matched by all of the staff, volunteers, community sponsors, and our supportive community that surrounds her in the mission of Matthew’s Hope Ministries.

Meagan is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with the precious children and their families everyday!

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