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Matthew's Hope
Chest Workshop

Building, Rebuilding, Refinishing
and Repurposing Lives.

The Matthew's Hope Chest Workshop is the primary work opportunity for guests of the ministry who desire more than their basic needs met on Outreach Services Days. 


Guests are challenged to find and develop their woodworking skills.  Guests also have the ability to demonstrate their work ethic, punctuality, reliability, ability to stay on task and maintain productivity, as well as their willingness to work in a team environment.  All these traits and skills help determine a "structurally challenged" friend's eligibility for entering the "Working Full-Time" option of the Moving Forward Program.  As well, a guest's work patterns determine their eligibility as a candidate for Transitional Housing. 

Guests who work at the Hope Chest Workshop clock in and out and treat their time at the Hope Chest as if on the job.  They follow a production schedule.  They are held accountable to results.  The ministry desires to replicate a true work environment in every aspect, thus preparing them for their future of independence and self-sustainability. 


The Hope Chest Office is open by appointment


or call (407)-905-9500

Furniture Donations? 

The Hope Chest accepts limited donations of "real wood" furniture pieces (no press board please).  Please contact us at or call (407) 905-9500 to discuss and arrange potential donations. 


Interested in shopping? 

Visit our Matthew's Hope Chest Store located in the Tri City Center 1027 S. Dillard Street at the corner of W. Colonial Drive Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Please visit: to see some of what we have to offer 

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