Transitional Housing


A Safe Place to Stay.

So Much More Than an Emergency Shelter. 

Matthew's Hope Ministries is not an emergency shelter.

Housing is not the ministry's primary purpose, although transitional homes are provided for a select number of guests seeking to rebuild their lives through the Moving Forward Program.

For this purpose, Matthew’s Hope rents or owns thirteen (13) units within a mile of the Administrative Offices near downtown Winter Garden able to shelter more than twenty-five (25) people. These units provide temporary housing to those men, women and families willing to adhere to the strict guidelines of the Moving Forward Program.

The homes are handsomely decorated and well-maintained, all made possible by caring members of the west Orange County community. All Program members sign a contract and must follow it diligently. Weekly inspections are made for cleanliness. There is a curfew for lights out and on-site supervision by a Matthew’s Hope staff member.

Residents are required to engage in weekly life skill and recovery skill classes, as well as weekly Bible study groups. Program members even submit to random drug tests to ensure their walk is one of clarity and purpose.

All Program members who stay in transitional housing must have a paying job outside of or through the ministry. Additionally, Moving Forward Program members choose to volunteer a minimum of five (5) hours toward the maintenance and services of the ministry.

Matthew's Hope also helps Program members who live in transitional housing manage their finances so they may eventually be prepared to step out on their own with enough money for a down payment on their own residence.

Matthew's Hope Ministries, Inc.

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