Effort Points Program


Effort Points Program

Moving Forward Program Members Earn Their Way Toward Independence and Self-Sustainability

Any registered guest of Matthew's Hope Ministries who wants to work, can.  And, the moment they choose to work, and continue to work, either through the ministry or at a job outside the ministry, they are part of one of the options of the Moving Forward Program.

Guests who desire to work to earn Effort Points are encouraged to speak with ministry staff members to receive direction on their options to demonstrate their work ethic, as well as their desired outcomes.

Note:  The Matthew's Hope Ministries Effort Points Program is not designed to be an alternative to purchasing items beyond basic needs from a retail outlet.  Nor are Effort Points designed to be primarily used to pay bills or payments.  Effort Points are the incentive offered to guests and Program members to continue to choose to Move Forward toward a life of independence and self-sustainability.  


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