Donate Hygiene and Clothing Items


Serving Their Most Basic Needs.

And at Times, Inspiring Significant Life Transformations.

Each week, Tuesday Ministries Services Day guests spend time with a "personal shopper" to identify the hygiene and clothing items they need for the week.  Those needs are then fulfilled by other volunteers, who manage the entirely donated items graciously and generously provided by those who care in west Orange County and beyond. 

The donated items of need include:

Hygiene Items (all in travel size, please)

- Comb/Hair Brush

- Shampoo

- Hair Conditioner

- Cotton Swabs

- Razors – Male/Female

- Shaving Cream

- Toothbrush

- Toothpaste

- Dental Floss

- Denture Cleaner

- Denture Cream

- Lip Balm

- Body Wash – Male/Female

- Deodorant – Male/Female

- Body Powder

- Body/Hand Lotion

- Toilet Paper

- Tissues

- Wet Wipes

- Hand Sanitizer

- Nail Clippers

- Foot Powder

- Feminine Products

Clothing Items (items described as "camping wear" are the only donated items accepted)

- Jeans (male and female)

- Shorts (male and female)

- Tee Shirts

- Polo Shirts

- Athletic Shoes, Work Boots

- Brand New Men's Boxer Briefs and Boxer (all sizes)

- Brand New Men's Crew Socks

- Brand New Women's Undergarments

- Belts, Ball Caps, Accessories

Other Items

- Batteries of all types

- Bicycles and Bike Parts and Accessories (Locks, Lights, Racks, etc.)

- Tents, Tarps, Sleeping Bags

- Backpacks

- Sunscreen, Neo-To-Go, Bug Repellant

- Aldi Gift Cards

- Duct Tape

- Laundry Detergent (Pods only, please)

- Disposable Wares (plates, napkins, cups, plastic flatware, paper towels)


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